A Quick jaunt through Chelsea

On a nice quick jaunt through Chelsea yesterday I bumped into Jonathan from Art21 and a couple of his charming friends. We strolled (sprinted) to as many shows as we could before I had to roll on (like deodorant).


The looming, char-black pieces of wood in Leonardo Drew’s ceiling-high sculptures and Vic Muniz’s playful/pensive momento mori skeleton photos. The skeletons are “drawn” by all kinds of detritus laid out on the floor which is then photographed from above.

El Anatsui’s lovely huge tapestry-like sculptures made from bottle top foils. Brilliant reflective fabric-like expanses with great folds and plays with light.

Another Wonderful El Anatsui at Jack Shainman Gallery

Absolutely exquisite stuff which reminded me of the mastery of Francisco de Zurbarán’s richly colored folds of fabric on saints’ robes.

El Anatsui at Jack Shainman Gallery

Diane Arbus’s small photo show at Cheim & Read. The best ones were a haunting shot of the Castle at Disneyland at night (above) and a flash shot showing the track inside the haunted house at Coney Island.

Side note:

All of the Arbus prints were editions of 75 and were $35,000 each. (There’s 14 of them. If they all sold, that would be $36,750,000.) According to the friendly gallerino, they were all made posthumously except the black Madonna. Maybe I’ll print out my crummy camera-phone shots of them and pretend I’m a billionaire.

my crummy camera-phone shot of Diane Arbus's Coney Island Fun House

One response to “A Quick jaunt through Chelsea

  1. Funny thing about those Arbus shots of Disneyland. They came up in a conversation with Steve Martin that the New Yorker did about his Stand up Days. It’s a pretty charming video Podcast. Check it out at http://www.newyorker.com/online/video/festival/2007/MartinMorrison
    Like your blog very much. I’m similarly passionate at TruffleHunting.wordpress.com

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