[Eyebeam Presents] #ArtsTech: Privacy/Identity

Copied and pasted (a bit remixed) from here: http://www.meetup.com/Arts-Culture-and-Technology/events/81330672/

[Eyebeam Presents] #ArtsTech: Privacy/Identity

In the age of “transparency” and big data, questions around privacy and identity loom large. While some people want to create what are essentially “driver’s licenses for the web” that will link back to your personal identity wherever you go online (i.e. Google+, Facebook profiles), others warn of the costs associated with giving up our right to anonymity and what this might mean for free speech and censorship online. This is a BIG topic that affects all of us as denizens of the web, and in this meetup we’ll merely be skimming the surface. Our panel of speakers will present a variety of perspectives on these issues to help get the conversation started.

  • Tuesday, September 18, 2012 | 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

  • EYEBEAM | 540 W 21st St, New York, NY (map)

  • Price: $10.00/per person | Refund policy

  • Schedule:

    7:00pm – Doors. Mingling over wine and snacks provided by Tumblr

    7:30-8:45pm – Presentations and short panel discussion with the speakers

    8:30-10:00pm – Conversation continues over wine


    Museum Nerd will be giving an anonymous presentation via Skype. In lieu of a bio, he has provided us with the following crowdsourced descriptions of himself:

    “no physical description, no fixed address, no discernible motive, digs James Turrell” – @MDammit

    “social web’s most-extensive aggregator of museum exhibitions and events.” – @zoebfox

    “A source for museum-related flâneur love and general feel good art vibrations in 140 characters or less.” – @hragv

    “Museum Nerd is a nerd. A nerd of museums and the sort.” An IRL talk? Will you be wearing a mask? – @art21

    “…faster than a speeding bullet…” – @theBoBartlett

    “@museumnerd is a cultural Twitter icon (Twicon) who has been getting people interested in museums for the past [insert number] years”- @AlizaySteinberg

    “expert in collections at many museums you’ve never heard of” – @resuitener

    Since March 2010, Museum Nerd has checked in at museums 247 times on Foursquare.

    Cole Stryker is a freelance writer and media strategist based in New York City. He is the author of Hacking the Future: Privacy, Identity, and Anonymity on the Web (out this month from The Overlook Press), as well as Epic Win for Anonymous, the first book to explore the underground Internet meme culture factory called 4chan, and Anonymous, the hacktivist collective it spawned. His writing has appeared in SalonViceThe New York ObserverThe Huffington Post, and elsewhere. More at colestryer.com.

    Kyle McDonald is a media artist who works with code, with a background in philosophy and computer science. He creates intricate systems with playful realizations, sharing the source and challenging others to create and contribute. Kyle is a regular collaborator on arts-engineering initiatives such as openFrameworks, having developed a number of extensions which provide connectivity to powerful image processing and computer vision libraries. For the past few years, Kyle has applied these techniques to problems in 3D sensing, for interaction and visualization, starting with structured light techniques, and later the Kinect. Kyle’s work ranges from hyper-formal glitch experiments to tactical and interrogative installations and performance. He was recently Guest Researcher in residence at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Japan, and is currently adjunct professor at ITP.

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  1. Will there be a podcast event for the geographically challenged? This is an important event.

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