10,000 Best Museum Apps for Android

App-DowloadsSo I downloaded a bunch of museum apps (15, not 10,000) I’d never tried before…

ADHD synopsis: Elles at Seattle Art Museum was my favorite. What’s yours?

These were all actually pretty good as I’d downloaded them based on favorable reviews in the electronic store. Note also, that I’ve had apps from MoMA, LACMA, Guggenheim, etc.  on my phone for a while. This is just a roundup of what I found that I hadn’t seen or tried before.

I found that some of my favorite apps were no more than an illustrated audio tour, but the content was well-written and compelling. In short, you don’t need to wow me with your newfangled app technologies, just give me information presented in a compelling way and show me what you’re talking about and I’m happy.

High marks for High Museum of Art “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” Rodin Museum, Museum of London (Google maps-based; cool esp. if you’re in London), Istanbul Modern, and all of the Korean museum apps (these and several others produced by the Korea Tourism Organization), which have some of the highest production values and are definitely worth checking out.

The “Smart Museum” is only a smart choice if you want museums in Russia. It’s a pretty solid seeming listing of hundreds if not thousands of Russian museums and has nothing to do with the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago, as I had thought it would. It definitely made me long for an exploratory spelunk in the museums of the former CCCP.

83° – Haze.

Random, possibly helpful, screenshots:

2013-07-10 01.33.33 2013-07-10 01.26.57 2013-07-10 01.22.05 2013-07-10 01.28.33 2013-07-10 01.41.24 2013-07-10 01.44.13 2013-07-10 01.48.05 2013-07-10 01.51.20 2013-07-10 02.08.31

2013-07-10 10.04.23

11 responses to “10,000 Best Museum Apps for Android

  1. Nice collection of android apps

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  3. Thanks @museumnerd! Have been looking to build on my iPhone museum apps, this list was a great place to start! Of course, these are all Android apps, but they all have iPhone versions (interestingly, the High Museum of Art iPhone app was $1.99, not sure if it was free on Android).

    I won’t add to @museumnerd’s comments except for this – the app from KHM Wien is very cool, offering almost Rubik’s Cube type scrolling. Very nice!

    I have also been playing with some other non NYC apps (trying to get more out of my comfort zone), and love the suite offered by the @Smithsonian.

    For the great combo of easy-to-use, easy-to-explore, the iPhone app from the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, Netherlands, is great fun (the museum is actually now called Museum of the Image, or MOTI, but the app appears under the old name).

    Some other great iPhone apps of the 1000’s out there (and again, not to hijack an Android list, but hey, let’s assume that they’re offered across both):

    – Rodin Museum, @rodinmuseum
    – Art Institute of Chicago, @artinstitutechi, dozens of specific tours, with all type of criteria (‘First Date”, “Art on Trial” to name just two)
    – Norton Simon, @NortonSimon
    – Hammer Museum, @hammer_museum

    And actually, I do need to make a plug for two NYC apps, both from @AMNH – Dinosaurs and Cosmic, very engaging, easy to use, and basically fun.

  4. I want to hear more about the italicized word in this piece: content. You tease! What kind of content do you find “well-written and compelling”? Details, details! If send some questions would you answer?

    • Fair question. I’m talking about art history encyclopedia info. I want the wiki, but written by an expert. No marketing, just learning. The MoMA iPad app for Ab Ex is an excellent example. Video, text, and audio combine to teach you amazing amounts. It’s like a college course for free.

  5. We’re developing the peri+ museum guide platform on Android too. While interactivity is really wonderful in enhancing the museum experience, let’s not forget the smaller museums who have enough budget just for an information-only app. We’re also ardent supporters of good content… Something that goes beyond catalogue-only material.

  6. Heh, thank you for noticing Smart Museum app! very unexpected (and pleasant)

  7. I just developed an Android app to discover art on your lock screen:

    I would love your feedback! Thanks!

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