What museum should I go to?

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I haven’t been to a museum for quite a while. I’d been to all the museums in Manhattan at one point, but now I’m one behind as I haven’t even been to the new Whitney yet. I certainly plan to do so, but what museum in the world should I visit on a very limited budget traveling from New York City?

Leave the where and why in the comments if you have a suggestion of a place you think I probably haven’t been.

4 responses to “What museum should I go to?

  1. The Corning Museum of Glass is amazing. It has beautiful examples of glass from differnt periods in history, great works of art, and a section on the science of glass. There are also glass-blowing demonstrations throughout the day. A bit far from New York City, but worth the trip.

  2. Always love your Twitter account and used it when I was in the US and museum hopping around New York. (:

    I’m from Singapore so if you’re ever in this part of the world will be great to drop by some of my favorites here in Singapore:

    Singapore Philatelic Museum
    One of the more interesting ones under the management of the government’s National Heritage Board. As the name suggested, the highlights are the stamps and they feature some interesting ones around the world have have different themed exhibitions and programmes around different time of the year.

    National Gallery Singapore
    One of my new favourite and the largest art museum in Singapore. Newly opened in 2015, they have a huge collections from local artist and artists around the South-East Asia region. Other than huge collections of painting, the various galleries also host special exhibitions and arts festival. One of the highlight got to the the building and facade as they’re two historical buildings and its a museum in a building concept so that the facade can be left untouched.

    Hope you’ll get the chance to visit these two soon (:


    • Thanks so much for the suggestions. Apologies for the late response. I’ll definitely keep your recommendations in mind should I ever be lucky enough to visit Singapore.

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