Museums of Bogotá Guide — Preview — Museum of Contemporary Art

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Bogota, Colombia

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Bogotá, Colombia. Photo by Museum Nerd

Since moving to Bogotá, Colombia in 2016, I’ve still been going to museums and nerding out, but at a much more relaxed pace than the good old days in NYC when I’d frequently go to two or three museums in a day. Since the pace is slower, I thought maybe it’s time to crack open the old blog and write a bit about Bogotá’s fantastic museums for those who might want to visit and virtual tourists. Herein, I present the preview for what will obviously eventually be the book that makes me fabulously wealthy, Museums of Bogotá — a blog post series.

The first museum I shall write about is a bit lesser known, at least to tourists, because it’s rather far off the beaten path. The quirky museum is a rather nifty “mini Guggenheim,” as it was described to me once by a San Felipe gallery owner. Though not quite the inverted ziggurat that helped make Frank Lloyd Wright as much of a household name as any architect, Bogotá’s MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo) has some of the same swirly charm of that famous NYC institution.

Inside the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bogota

Inside the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bogota. Photo by Museum Nerd

This tiny blurb is just an intro (and frankly a motivational challenge to myself). I’ll be back soon to tell you about my past visits to the MAC, and perhaps I’ll  even trek over to the museum so I can give you the skinny on what’s up right now–a grad student show, I believe. While you wait for more, go visit a museum, but stay tuned.

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